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Embrace the Sunshine: Spring Product Guide for Transitioning Your Blonde Hair

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your blonde hair and embrace the brighter days ahead. As we move from winter’s vibrant and rich tones—reds, coppers, golds, and dark chocolates—to spring’s softer, brighter textures, it’s essential to update your hair care routine.

Consider incorporating pearlescent, iridescent, and powder pinks, along with glosses and glazes, into your hair colour for a seasonal uplift. Enhance your dark chocolates with toffees, elevate coppers with dusted golds, and cool down dark brunettes to prevent brassiness from the elements. For prolonged colour maintenance, our Evo Fab Pro colour maintenance conditioner, custom-tinted to your needs, is a fantastic addition to your routine.

Here are our top product recommendations from Kevin Murphy, Color Wow, and K18 to help you achieve that flawless, sun-kissed look while playing with seasonal hues gently and elegantly:

Kevin Murphy Blonde.Angel Wash: This lavender-infused shampoo enhances blonde tones while neutralising brassy hues. It’s perfect for maintaining that cool, icy blonde shade.

Color Wow Dream Filter: This pre-shampoo mineral remover filters out color-distorting elements found in tap water that can dull blonde hair. It’s a must-have for keeping your blonde bright and fresh. Plus, this hair protectant lasts up to 5 washes and is anti-humidity, making it perfect for combating the Auckland weather. We like to call it our “anti-Auckland spray”!

K18 Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask: Spring is all about renewal, and this leave-in mask repairs damage from the inside out, strengthening your hair and restoring its natural bounce and shine.

Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Me Blonde: This lightweight finishing spray adds a touch of shimmer and shine while protecting your hair from environmental damage. It’s the perfect final touch for a radiant blonde look.

New Addition: Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Series: We’ve introduced a scalp treatment that is especially beneficial in winter when clients tend to dehydrate their hair and scalp with longer, hotter showers. This treatment is a great add-on to any service, helping to keep your scalp healthy and your hair vibrant.

Transitioning your blonde hair for spring has never been easier with these top-tier products. Visit our salon to get personalised advice and pick up your essentials today!



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